Interesting Media - Women in STEMM

Four steps to killing off sexism in science (The Guardian, September 2015)

Women more likely to pursue STEM careers with fewer men around (Research Professional, April 2015)

Science: Where are the women? (Guardian, March 2015)

International Women’s Day in Science (BBSRC, March 2015)

Clever girls lack confidence in science and maths (BBC, March 2015)

"I've never felt it was a sexist environment, but there is a definite mismatch of position and talent" Why do labs remain so male dominated? (TheLong+Short, 2015)

Yes, let's discuss lad culture - but don't let university leaders off the hook (The Guardian, Dec 2014)

Academia for women: short maternity leave, few part-time roles and lower pay (The Guardian, Nov 2014)

Gender balance among University Research Fellows (Royal Society blog, September 2014)

How did Lego become a gender battleground? Three new Lego figures - all female scientists - have been unveiled. But why does the toymaker's portrayal of women provoke such controversy? (BBC, 2014)

Science for women? The impact of Athena SWAN on science academics (Queen's Belfast / Bournemouth University / YouTube, 2014)

Researching the Careers of Top Management Programme Alumni (Summary Report, May 2014 by Professor Simonetta Manfredi, Dr Louise Grisoni, Dr Karen Handley, Centre for Diversity Policy Research and Practice, Oxford Brookes University; Rebecca Nestor and Dr Felicity Cooke, Learning for Good Ltd)

Women in STEM: It's Time to Redesign the Pipeline (Huffington Post, 2014)

Girls, listen up: 'studying science opens doors to fascinating careers' – FTSE boss (The Daily Telegraph, 2014)

Women scientists take to their soapboxes on London's South Bank (The Guardian, 2013)

Women in Science and Books Prizes Special (Royal Society podcast, 2013)

Women in Academia (The Broad podcast, 2013)

Report reveals issues that might turn women away from academic science (Wellcome Trust, 2013)

Pregnant in the lab: how does child-bearing affect a science career? (The Guardian, 2013)

Brookes researcher to attend Women of the Year Lunch (OBU website, 2013)

Brookes recognised for tackling gender inequality (OBU website, 2013)

Commons Select Committee report on Women in STEM careers (UK Parliament website, 2010)

Women and science careers: leaky pipeline or gender filter? (Gender and Education journal, 2005)