Transport and Placement Expense Claims

Travel costs to and from the placement

Travel costs to and from the placement are the responsibility of the student, please refer to: Travel costs to and from the placement statement for pre-qualification students on placement.

For further travel Information see: Transport statement for pre-qualification students on placement.

New Students enrolling after August 2017

The funding arrangements for placement expenses, referred to as travel and accommodation dual expenses (TDAE) are being developed by the Learning Support Fund. To keep up to date with the latest information please access the following link:

Note: If you are domiciliary in Wales, Scotland or Ireland, please refer to your funding provider.

Continuing Students who have enrolled prior to August 2017 who are in receipt of NHS Bursaries

If you have to undertake practice placements as part of your NHS course you may be entitled to be reimbursed for some of the costs you incur through attending the placements. This can include reimbursement of both travel and accommodation costs if they are in excess of your normal daily travel costs to get to your usual university base/teaching site.
NB All mileage will be checked using a standard route planner (e.g. AA , RAC, Google maps. Variations from this will not normally be accepted by NHS Bursaries).
The claim form you need to complete needs to be downloaded from the Student Home page of the NHS bursary student webpages: We have noted that this external website is subject to frequent change, so if the link to the form is not clearly evident, please call the NHS Bursary helpline directly:

NHS Bursary Student Enquiries: Telephone: 0300 330 1345 or 0191 279 0570

The opening hours are:
8am - 6pm Monday to Friday
9am - 3pm Saturday

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
You can also access them through their facebook page.

Hints and tips on completing your placement expenses claim form

  • It is in your best interest (to help with getting a speedy reimbursement) to do the following:
  • If you have a BOSS account, print off the bar code cover sheet to accompany your claim.
  • Log on, go to the home page, scroll down to a section called “Documents” and print off the file called “PDF Student Coversheet".
  • Complete your SBA number (you will find this on your NOA (Notification of Award) Letter, which the NHS Bursary sent to you, or it can be downloaded from the “Documents” section of your BOSS account which is at the bottom of your home page once you log in
  • NHS Bursaries will not accept any PPE claim which does not have a student coversheet included.
  • Use the guidance provided in the student claim form (we receive a number of incomplete forms which delays payment to you and increases our work).
You will also find the FAQs on the NHS Bursary website very helpful.

Submitting your claim

Practice Education Unit (PEU) has a legal responsibility to prevent false or misleading information being submitted to NHS Bursaries as part of a student’s claim. The University is required to support NHS Bursaries in detecting and preventing fraudulent claims.

PEU will:
  • check and certify your claim. This includes checking that you
  • have attended placement for the dates you are claiming
  • your travel claims comply with NHS bursary guidelines (as detailed in the NHS Bursary claim form’s guidance and FAQs
  • pass your claim on to NHS Student Bursaries for assessment, and if appropriate, payment.
The Practice Education Unit (PEU) will submit your claim in full to NHS Bursaries however we should warn you that Universities do not have any power to alter NHS Bursaries decisions as to whether the full claim is paid to you.  You will need to follow up any issue with NHS Bursaries directly.

NHS Student Bursaries will
  • check your eligibility to receive reimbursement
  • ensure your claim is in order and correctly completed and certified
  • if appropriate, process and arrange payment within 30 working days of receipt


Tel: +44 (0) 1865 48 5558

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