Placement costs for all pre-registration programmes

The Faculty of Health and Life Sciences is not responsible for payment of travel, placement accommodation or other placement expenses. These expenses are claimed, where the student is eligible for reimbursement, from their funding sponsor1. (e.g. your funding sponsor may be your employer (if you are seconded), or the NHS (if you obtain a student bursary), or you may be self-funding.

All students must make sure they are aware of their funding status (e.g. bursaried / non-bursaried / seconded), who their funding sponsor is, and what their individual entitlements are. The funding sponsor is responsible for notifying each student about their individual entitlement to receive reimbursement of placement costs and the process for claiming for these placement costs1.

Placement costs include the following:

  • Travel to, from, and within placement
  • Placement specific accommodation
  • Parking

Travel and parking costs

Responsibility for payment of all travel and parking costs associated with any placement lie with the student, in conjunction with their funding sponsor (e.g. Strategic Health Authority/Local Education and Training Board (LETB) / NHS Business Services Authority’s Bursary Online Support System (BOSS) or seconding NHS Trust). BOSS applications for reimbursement of travel expenses for placements are processed through the Faculty’s Practice Education Unit (PEU).  The role of PEU is to confirm that the expenses claimed are accurate and appropriate for the placement undertaken.

The Faculty provides additional information regarding travel arrangements for specific placements accessible once students have enrolled at the University. Such information includes placement profiles and a "Transport statement for pre-qualification students on placement", which provides links to relevant transport web addresses etc.

Accommodation costs

For some programmes placements are organised at a distance normally within the funding sponsors’ boundaries and require accommodation. Each student will be notified of the accommodation arrangements which are on offer, and these may be reclaimed in line with NHS Business Services Authority/funding sponsor guidelines. Students should be notified of these during the recruitment/admissions process by their funding sponsor/ NHS Business Services Authority.

Oxford Brookes University Financial Guidance & Help

If students find themselves in financial hardship due to placement expenses they are advised to seek assistance from Student Services (financial help/advice) at

The University’s Financial Aid Fund is aimed at relieving financial hardship which might impact on a student’s participation in higher education at Oxford Brookes and to help them remain in at the University

1 with the exception of Occupational Therapy students funded by NHS London, who claim reimbursement through the Faculty’s Practice Education Unit (PEU).

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Updated September 2013


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