Facilities in the Joel Joffe Building

The new Joel Joffe Building offers us greater flexibility with an increased number of teaching rooms, a tiered 200+ seat lecture room, a more open plan library, an enhanced refectory and a much larger skills labs as well as new features such as a faith room (located on the first floor and marked on the floor plan as room SW117).

Download a map of the Joel Joffe Building (pdf)

Clinical Skills Labs

Joel Joffe Clinical Skills Lab

The building will feature three state of the art simulation suites which will be two and a half times larger than the current facility. Along with the new suites we will also stock a range of up-to-date simulation training equipment. The labs will be on the ground floor for easy access and can be found on the floor plan as rooms SW103 / SW104 / SW107 and SWG08.

Lecture Theatre

Joel Joffe lecture theatre

The Joel Joffe building will feature a 200+ seat tiered lecture theatre with a full range of AV & IT facilities to provide teaching staff with first class teaching resources. The lecture theatre will be on the first floor and is marked on the floor plan as SWG109.

The new building will also feature an increased amount of teaching rooms. These can be found on the ground floor plan as SWG18 / SWG19 and SWG22. On the first floor plan the teaching rooms are located at SW102 / SWG104 / SWG105 / SWG108 / SWG110 / SW114a.


Joel Joffe library

The Joel Joffe library will be larger than the current library and will be laid out in a more open plan, welcoming manner. There will be more study space as well as quiet rooms available. There will be a skylight which will make the space bright and airy and the design will make the space more conducive to learning. The library will be located on the ground floor just beyond Reception and can be found on the floor plan as room SWG16.

The new library will be a quiet space for focused single working and rooms else where in the building can be used for group work or joint projects.

The Student Support Co-ordinators will also be based in this area and they will have room SWG15 available for confidential meetings with students.

Rooms SWG13 and SWG14 will be available for students to book when available as will the boardroom which is unnumbered on the plan but is the room that backs onto SW13 - SW15.


The building will feature a open, bright welcoming Reception as you enter the building. A full time receptionist will be on hand to greet students / staff and visitors. You will be able to engage with the Receptionist if you need to know if a specific staff member is in the Campus on any given day and also for enquiries concerning OBIS and ASA etc.

The Reception is located on the floor plan as SWG17 with the Reception desk looking directly towards the main entrance / exit of the building.


A feature of the new location will be the availability of a appropriately sized Refectory which will be able to offer a good range of hot and cold food. The refectory comes with a restaurant sized kitchen so we hope to offer a good range of produce and details are being confirmed in terms of menu choices.

The Refectory will be located on the ground floor and can be found on the floor plan as SWG21 (kitchen) and SWG20 (seating area). You will be able to utilise the outdoor space adjacent to these rooms with outdoor seating for those long, hot summers!

Staff Offices

The academic / teaching staff offices will all be located in one office on the first floor. On the floor plan this is marked as room SW11 with the Programme Leads adjacent in room SW11b. Staff can be contacted either through Reception or by using the telephone system located outside their office as with the current site.

The Administration Office, found on the ground floor plan as room SW102, is located adjacent to the main entrance and Reception. The office will consist of the course Programme Administrators, the Swindon Practice Education Unit team and the Swindon Site Co-ordinator. The office will continue to have an information window that students can go to though you will be encouraged to use the Reception desk first. There are further administrative offices on the first floor for OBIS and ASA staff.

Skills technicians will be based primarily in the Simulation Suite area but will also be able to hot desk on the 1st floor offices. They will be available to assist with clinical skills queries as before. Our technicians will also be available during most Skills teaching from room SW108.

The site FSAs (caretakers) will be located on the ground floor in room SWG23a. If you need their assistance they can be contacted through Reception.