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Friday, 18th August 2017

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Moodle course content rollover Sem 1 2017-18

17th August 2017 - elearning
Manual Rollover For Sem 1 2017 18 a different method of rolling over Moodle course content for the new run of your courses is being adopted Rather... Read More

FB in education?

16th August 2017 - elearning
Found this interesting resource about the ethical implications of Facebook in education... Read More

Nice one ...

24th July 2017 - elearning
When checking some writing issue via Google I found this rather useful site Improve your Writing provided by the University of Bristol Faculty of ... Read More

2016/17 year end - advance notice of request for sample of leave cards

24th May 2017 - finance
As part of our year end audit we will be asked again to provide a sample of staff members leave cards to our auditors This will be permanent memb... Read More