Friday, 29th May 2020

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Helpful ...

23rd July 2018 - elearning
When checking some grammar problems via Google I found this rather useful site Improve your Writing provided by the University of Bristol Faculty ... Read More

Annual leave time

18th July 2018 - elearning
HLS DMeLD availability over the summer In case you require support for things like Moodle site rollovers updates or any other learning technology re... Read More

Audio Visual (AV) Training

11th April 2018 - elearning
Message from the IT Services training team Get to know the AV kit in teaching rooms and lecture theatres If you need help using the AV kit or are w... Read More

Message from Gavin Barber about M100 forms

29th January 2018 - programmereview
This is to let you know that in response to feedback and following discussions with Faculty colleagues the M100 form on Moodle is now a staff form ... Read More