All Together Better Health (ATBH) is the leading global interprofessional practice and education conference under the direction of the World Coordinating Committee (WCC). The conference brings together providers, health system executives, educators, policymakers, and healthcare industry leaders to advance interprofessionalism locally, regionally and worldwide.

We are pleased to be hosting the 8th ATBH conference in Oxford on 6-9th September 2016. Previous conferences have been held in Kobe, Japan; London, England; Pittsburgh, USA; Stockholm, Sweden; Sydney, Australia; Vancouver, British Columbia.

Every two years the ATBH series of conferences provides an opportunity for participants to discuss ideas and devise and test strategies to mobilise concerted action to improve health and wellbeing for individuals, families and communities across the world. ATBH is driven by the conviction that by learning together we improve working together to effect change, enhance quality of care, ensure safety and optimise deployment of human resources.

Whether you are a practitioner, service user, student, teacher, manager, policy maker or researcher, each conference is your opportunity to compare perspectives, exchange experience and share expertise.

The following networks are actively engaged in supporting the All Together Better Health Conference series:

The conference series is now coordinated by the World Coordinating Committee (WCC), a group established in 2013 to represent networks across the world sharing the same values in interprofessional education and practice.

For more information about All Together Better Health and the WCC, please visit http://www2.rgu.ac.uk/ipe/global/index.html


VBP sits alongside evidence-based practice as a process, based on learnable practice skills, that supports balanced decision-making in practice. This is particularly important when considering complex and conflicting values, such as needs, wishes and preferences

A key part of the process of VBP is the collaboration of the interprofessional team

In VBP, team members contribute to balanced decision making through a range of different value perspectives as well as from their knowledge and skills.

Crucially the development of the mutual awareness and other skills for effective values-based teamwork depends on IPE.

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